A true leader is an inspiring force—someone with integrity and a clear vision—not someone who is simply loud, demanding, “pushy” or good at giving orders. An effective leader can communicate his/her vision to others in support of a particular mission. He/she succeeds by encouraging and nurturing the talents—and opinions—of everyone on his/her team.

By cultivating and encouraging new ideas, obstacles are tackled, objectives are met and enormous progress can be accomplished. Team members have a clear focus on their role and commit to their work with tremendous zeal, thanks to an effective leader.

Effective leaders…

  • Have a clearly communicated vision and mission
  • Act with honesty and integrity
  • Are aware of their own strengths and weaknesses, and rely on the strengths of all team members
  • Are optimistic, pro-active, growth-oriented and self-confident
  • Take initiative and believe in their ability to make a difference
  • Lead by example, encouraging and nurturing others
  • Celebrate diversity and are willing to consider other points of view
  • Employ thoughtful examination and planning
  • Recognize what is out of their control
  • Act in the face of fear or adversity