Building the Skills

Building the Skills

Leaders of tomorrow will understand the difference between a leader and an ineffective authoritarian and learn the traits, qualities and the characteristics of a true leader

Build Personal Leadership Skills:

  • Realize the importance of looking within, having a vision, assessing your values and following them with integrity
  • Examine and evaluate your potential. Gain a better understanding of your role in building your personal leadership potential. Consider the power of thought and imagination on your potential and how you can eliminate internal blocks in order to follow your dreams. Recognize what it means to be “proactive” as opposed to “reactive” as you pursue your goals.
  • Learn the importance of recognizing what is outside your control, letting go of it and focusing instead on what is within your power to change. Recognize the value in making a mistake and learning from it.
  • Examine the importance of planning and flexibility in working towards goals. Consider why it is necessary to make room for new information and new ideas.

Build Interpersonal Leadership Skills:

  • Evaluate the concept of interdependence, the importance of community, and the importance of diversity.
  • Learn how working together creates more solutions, ideas and possibilities than working alone.
  • Study and practice the basics of communication. Learn to recognize mistakes such assumptions of meaning and prejudice. Discover why it is necessary to focus on understanding other before making your own points. Learn techniques for listening well and clarifying your understanding.
  • Investigate solutions to communication challenges.
  • Explore how communication works in groups.
  • Delve into techniques of persuasive communication.