Building the Skills

Leadership DC is designed to help students hone their own leadership skills, both personal (how they grow as a person) and interpersonal (how they interact with others). Our Leadership DC guides will encourage them to look within themselves and identify their vision, values, traits and talents—essential building blocks for any leader.

The Leadership DC Experience
First, students learn to examine their belief system and desires for their own life, as well as the world around them. Naturally, they will take in new information, so their outlook and expectations may grow and shift accordingly. What’s important is to help them discover what motivates them, what gifts and special skills they already possess, and how to put those skills to good use through the creation of a solid plan of action.

There will be plenty of inspiration along the way as we study historical leaders (from the past and present) in Washington, DC, Philadelphia, PA, and Jamestown and Williamsburg, VA. Students will see how the decisions made by famous leaders have influential, long-lasting effects.

Finally, Leadership DC participants will learn how to fulfill their vision by appreciating the value of interdependence and working with others. Interdependence means, simply, that every person is connected to the rest of humanity. We cannot separate ourselves from our community. True leaders recognize the importance of diversity and bring out the best in those around them.