Roles and

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Roles and Expectations

  • Leadership DC will serve as an opportunity for students to be involved in a leadership program along with their teachers and chaperones
  • Teachers and chaperones will be involved with their student leaders in all facets of this program, and will act as group discussion leaders every evening to summarize the day’s activities and see how they apply to leadership for tomorrow.
  • Student leader of tomorrow will take an active part in all activities, complete all study guides, and will actively participate in evening group summary discussions.
  • Student leaders will attempt to pay it forward by being involved in school and community activities, sharing their wealth of knowledge with others, and by acting as an inspiration as leaders of tomorrow.

Your Leadership DC Operations Director will be positioned with the group each week to manage and run the week's events and activities. A staff person will be working as an “Operations Director” for the duration of the week. The Operations Director is in charge of confirming appointments, making some payments, and in some cases, will scope out a site before your arrival in order to expedite entry, facilitate multiple coach movement, etc. Your Leadership DC Operations Director works directly with all suppliers to help ensure an outstanding Leadership DC experience.

Your Leadership DC Program Director – is a group facilitator/regional expert who will lead each motor coach group. This person, called a Leadership Director, will work in conjunction with teachers to educate, motivate, inspire and, at times, even entertain the student leaders of tomorrow. The Leadership Director is also in charge of the itinerary for his/her coach and keeping the group on track with the scheduling. He/she will also prepare narrative, activities and select video/audio aids and other materials for use in D.C. and on the way to Jamestown, Williamsburg and Philadelphia, PA. His/her presentation will focus on leadership and will make use of the Study Guide.

Teacher Chaperones – Typically one teacher from your home school will work with a small group of 10-15 students. If someone is ill, homesick, is having difficulty with the Student Workbook or if there is a behavior problem, the Teachers from your home school will respond. Teachers also run the discussion meetings which take place in small meeting rooms at the hotel in the evening. Teachers and Leadership Directors work together in educating student leaders about leadership.

Student Leaders of Tomorrow – You are, the bright and talented young people who attend the Leadership DC program! Leadership DC student leaders of tomorrow come from all over North America and you are eager to learn, eager to visit a new place and eager to meet new people.

Parents – Parents play a key role in sending you on the Leadership DC and in helping you to prepare. Make sure you show your gratitude and appreciation by sharing postcards, photographs and what you learned with them!