Washington, DC
Jamestown and
   Williamsburg, VA

Philadelphia, PA

Leadership comes in as many forms as there are people. Leadership DC pays special attention to the areas of:

  • Business Leadership
  • Community Leadership
  • Political Leadership
  • Military Leadership

In particular, students will learn how the personal styles of today’s business leaders play a big part in the success (or failure) of overall corporate visions. They will study the difference between a true leader and a “manager,” and find out how important motivation and inspiration are in the workplace. Finally, students will consider alternatives to hierarchal structures and “the corporate ladder.”

Community leaders can have tremendous influence on the lives of young people. Leadership DC will spend time examining the larger world community, and exploring the value of diversity and cultural differences. Program Managers will help us review some major international concerns and consider the concept of “human rights.” And, we will see how being a good leader means giving back to your own community through volunteering.

Because our trip and name are both rooted in Washington, DC—a city rich in political traditions—we will, of course, spend a good deal of time studying political leaders. Students will see firsthand how the framers of the Constitution envisioned a “separation of power” between the Executive, Legislative and Judicial Branches of government, and why this remains vital to our democracy today.

Finally, Leadership DC will encounter and examine a number of military leaders. We will consider why soldiers become leaders in their community by choosing to serve on behalf of the good of their fellow citizens. We will visit the monuments and memorials that pay tribute to their bravery, and discuss how today’s military leaders are having an impact on everyday life at home—and abroad.