Leadership DC is a unique four-day or seven-day program designed to help young people explore and develop their leadership potential. Participants have the opportunity to:

  • Meet and learn from local, national and international leaders of today
  • Understand the overall concept of leadership and what makes a good leader
  • Learn how leaders and their actions influence their respective communities
  • Examine their own values and vision to find out what’s important to them
  • Communicate their values effectively as leaders

Four-day program attendees will focus their time in and around Washington, DC. Seven-day program attendees will also explore leadership and history by visiting Philadelphia, PA, as well as Jamestown and Williamsburg, VA.

Leadership DC is presented in conjunction with the non-profit organization, Tourism Cares for Tomorrow, a consolidation of the National Tour Association's National Tourism Foundation and the United States Tour Operators Association's Travelers Conservation Foundation. Its mission is to preserve, conserve and promote the responsible use of our world's natural, cultural and historic treasures, while supporting education and research to help secure the positive future of travel and tourism worldwide.